from Maggie's autograph book, by Nellie 1899

Flanagan Family 1882-1902

Moses Flanagan
Moses Flanagan

The Flanagan family is created: Irish immigrants have seven children and settle in St. Louis. My grandmother Catherine remembered these years as the good ones — prosperous and full of music lessons. They were the years before all hell broke loose.


Nov 6. In Chicago, 21 y.o. Irish immigrant MOSES McCARTY FLANAGAN becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen. Information on his age and arrival date are missing.


Maggie Keville Flanagan
Maggie Keville Flanagan

Apr 7. 18 y.o. MARGARET “MAGGIE” KEVILLE arrives in NY from Ireland and makes her way to Chicago.

She gets an autograph book and lists her address as 4146 Cottage Grove Av.

Maggie's autograph book, inside cover
Maggie’s autograph book, inside cover

She inscribes it on the back page: “When I am dead and in my grave | And my bones are all rotten | This little book will tell my name | When others are forgoton.”

Maggie Keville's autograph book
Maggie Keville’s autograph book


MOSES FLANAGAN is living at 3862 Cottage Grove Ave, down the street from MAGGIE. He is working as a (streetcar?) conductor. (City Directory)


Jan 6. MAGGIE KEVILLE and MOSES FLANAGAN marry at Holy Angels Church in Chicago. His 1888 voter registration shows them living at 4446 Cottage Grove Av, in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, near where they have both been living. Moses works as a carpenter.

Moses writes several poetic love notes in Maggie’s book, including this one: “I wish there was mountains of sugar | and rivers of wine | Plantations of tea leaves | And you to be mine.”

1/14/88 Love note from Moses in Maggie's autograph book
1/14/88 Love note from Moses in Maggie’s autograph book


Aug. Daughter NELLIE is born. (No birth record found, including under “Ellen” and “Helen.”) Child #1.


Aug 12. Daughter CATHERINE MARGARET is born. Child #2

When the girls are toddlers, the family moves to the St. Louis area.


Jul 31. Son THOMAS J. is born in St. Louis, MO. (No birth record found. Maybe they were briefly in St. Louis before they moved to Edwardsville?) Child #3


Nellie, Thos., Catherine Flanagan
Nellie, Thos., Catherine Flanagan

Aug 13. Son JOSEPH TIMOTHY is born in Edwardsville, IL. Child #4


Nov 25. Son MOSES RAFAEL is born in Edwardsville, IL. Child #5


Dec 21. Daughter MARY ETHEL is born in St. Louis, MO. Child #6


They are renting a house at 4267 Kossuth in north St. Louis. MOSES is working as a planing mill clerk. (City Directory)


Jan 8. Daughter LORETTA JULIA is born in St. Louis. Child #7.

MOSES is promoted to foreman at the planing mill. (City Directory)

Apr 4. 10 y.o. Catherine writes in Maggie’s book: “When you fall down and hurt your knee, | Jump up quick and think of me. Your daughter Catherine F”

Catherine's 1901 entry in Maggie's book
Catherine’s 1901 entry in Maggie’s book


Mar 30. 12 y.o. Nellie writes in Maggie’s book: “Dear Mamma, Hey Mum! I lubs you good. The same old girl, Nell.”

Nellie's 1902 entry in Maggie's book
Nellie’s 1902 entry in Maggie’s book


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