Happy birthday, WJ Price

William James Price 1859-1934
William James Price 1859-1934

January 31. Today is the 160th birthday of William James Price, our great-grandfather, 1859-1934. Immigrant (England), sportsman (cricket), and carpenter/entrepreneur (building and repairs with his 6 sons) — a man who made the most of his many gifts. 

I went searching in the newspaper archives for clippings that might document and illuminate this interesting character.

His cricket career has been explored elsewhere, but here’s one showing him as a winning captain.

newspaper clipping
5 Aug 1894 SLPD. WJ Price is captain of winning team.

During their early years in St. Louis, as their family grew, WJ and Sarah moved often. They finally settled on Aubert St., where the big barn became their shop. This must have been the ad they saw — their dream property!

newspaper clipping
15 Mar 1908 SLPD Future Price & Sons shop

Here’s a little ad from 1912 advertising their services.

newspaper clipping
2 Jun 1912 SLPD, ad for shop

Finally, here’s a building permit notice from 1914 to work on a school building. Interesting to see WJ Price listed as “architect” as well as “contractor.”

newspaper clipping
14 Jul 1914 SLST, building permit issued to WJPrice

Research note. “Price” is a terrible search term for a newspaper archive. But searching on “1162 Aubert” got me a few nuggets of gold.

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