St. Edward's soccer team 1935

Curly at St. Edward’s, Part 2: SOCCER!

As a city saturated with European immigrants in scores of Catholic parishes, St. Louis was always a big soccer town. In the 1930s, my dad Walter “Curly” Price played for the St. Edward’s team in the Parochial School Soccer League. Above is their team photo. Below is a detail showing Curly (front row right), Jim Tighe (tall kid to the left), and a peek of Jim Murphy (upper left, in stocking cap). I’m guessing my dad’s shirt was so faded because it was a hand-me-down from his brother Jack.

St. Edward's soccer team 1935, detail
St. Edward’s soccer team 1935, detail

The grade-school competition was important enough to deserve space on the sports page. I suppose that deep in the Great Depression, many childhood soccer stars didn’t make it to high school.

Soccer scores, 1935

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