Dunne descendant fan charts

Fan charts are fun because they are both legible and mind-boggling, able to carry a ton of information in a compact format. I try to keep our Ancestry family tree up-to-date as information comes my way.* The data is synchronized with my Family Tree Maker software and the charts are generated with the Charting Companion plug-in. Voilà. You can download a PDF version of the master chart above by clicking on this link.

Michael and Catherine Dunne of Ballaghduff had nine children. Here are fan charts for five of them: Collins, Dunne, Hession, Price, and Stephens. Neither Michael (1892-1984) nor Pat (1900-1975) Dunne had children of their own. Helen Dunne Price (1890-1967) had one child and one grandchild. Lizzie Dunne Kilmartin 1898-?1947) had two children and one grandchild.

If you like this format, PLEASE look at your family’s information carefully. Send me corrections–spellings, spouses, additional children, etc. Family is whoever you tell me it is, whoever calls you mom or dad, whoever you’d feel bad about leaving out.

If Michael and Catherine are Generation 0, I am in Generation 3. I’m only committed to keeping accurate track through Generation 4. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

Mary Dunne Stephens (1896-1981). Link to downloadable PDF version. While Bill “Sonny” Price (1912-1962) was the first grandchild, he was born far away, in St. Louis. Vera Stephens [Whalen] (1920-1999) was the first grandchild in Ballaghduff. Two daughters migrated to St. Louis; two sons, to Chicago.

Descendants of Mary and James Stephens

Bridget Dunne Price (1894-1978). Link to downloadable PDF version. Tip o’ the hat to my mother, Kathleen Price, who was the first family member to own Family Tree Maker software and went to great lengths to record all the Prices’ full names and birth dates. Jack Price was the third grandchild, born in 1920.

Descendants of Bridget and Walter Price

John Dunne (1891-1972). Link to downloadable PDF version. While John was the oldest son, he didn’t marry till his late 30s, so it turns out his descendents are among the youngest in the clan. Does anyone have a photo of him?

Descendants of John and Julia Dunne

Maggie Dunne Hession (1902-1982). Link to downloadable PDF version. Followed her true love to Chicago from St. Louis. Bill Hession was tied into the Stephens family through the famous “Aunt Nora,” who anchored the Chicago wing of the family.

Descendants of Maggie and Bill Hession

Katie Dunne Collins (1905-1993). Link to downloadable PDF version. Might have settled in St. Louis, but chose to return to Ballaghduff and have her family with Peter Collins.

Descendants of Katie and Peter Collins

*This link to Ancestry.com does not show any living family members. If you would like access to the living members and/or would like to add in your own family’s data directly, message me.

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