John P. Curran, Entertainer

John P. Curran was born in England to Irish immigrant parents, who later emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri. According to information published in the Performing Arts Archive, Curran was a child prodigy as a singer and yodeler, who then went on to team up with vaudevillian Frank F. Ward as “Ward and Curran.” Curran’s brothers Con P. and Florance founded and operated the successful St. Louis enterprise Con P. Curran Printing.

Curran died in Atlantic City on 21 Nov. 1930.

Singing-Comedy Duo Ward and Curran
years F War•l John 
the Other Was With 
that Carry the- Of Curran 
Frank F born in Volk. t he Vear 
t h" a Went with the 
Old a clown In and 
quently was Nat 
and others. After that Mr Ward did a Singh' turn for until 
t.artnership was with Mr Curran For nine years M r W ard 
a in which h•• known the the 
Mr Curran first the light England Junc l. and made 
first to he Was 
111 he Cal Wagner'. Minstrels " 
he " ent With 
band. in joined the 
Quartet. which make "0th Jimmie 
Mr Curran coast which 
equalb•d by late J K F.mrn?t' 
yodel and the sooth. 
in. caress that "Fat t" the hearts of the Amerwan 
theatre public. 
from Ye Olde Timers' Festiva[brochure (1912) 
_(Freeport Memorial Library, Long Island)

He married Ann Henry and they had a daughter Mrs. Daniel O’Donnell. He retired to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, at age 60, twelve years before his death. According to his obituary, during his stage career and after retirement, he maintained an interest in the Fidelity Transfer Co., of which he was vice president.

John P. Curran is the uncle of our grandfather Ewald Curran.

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